Bass Lessons

Bass Lessons Instructors and Prices:
Kenny Williams

$37 per 1/2 hour with purchase of 4
One on One – once a week

Bass Guitar Lessons:
All elements of beginner and advanced including chord theory, slap & pop and learning how to read tablature and notated music.

How to select a guitar for a child:
When selecting a guitar for a child, it is essential that the instrument obtained is not too big for the student. In many cases, nylon strings will be easier for the student to begin on; however, many students do begin successfully on steel strings. For most children, I recommend a student size or a three quarter size guitar. In addition, you must make certain that the guitar neck is not too wide. This is especially important if you are going to start the student on a nylon string guitar. Many nylon string guitars have very wide necks.

Kenny’s Music Store can assist you in selecting the right guitar. Be sure to bring the student in and let the student hold the instrument to see if it is manageable. It is a good idea to check the strings to make certain that they are not too high off the fingerboard at the nut, or first fret.

Also, your guitar music teacher may help you check whether or not there are string buzzes on up the neck and whether or not the guitar plays in tune on up to about the 7th or 8th position. Most of the student model guitars being made today are of a very good quality and many of the problems which used to plague beginning guitarists are no longer a concern.