Instrument Repair

Kenny’s Music Store offers complete music instrument repair services in Dana Point, Orange County. Give us a call.

Guitar Repairs (Acoustic, Electric and Bass):
Kenny’s Music Store can restring your guitar, replace your pickups and rewire or repair existing wiring. We also do full setups and/or guitar fret leveling and dressing, nut and bridge repair or replacement, and much more!

Violin and Cello Repairs:
Kenny’s Music Store can replace your instrument’s strings, repair or replace the bridge, pegs and end-pins for you.

Trumpet Repairs:
Kenny’s Music Store can repair or replace your trumpet’s valves and slides, remove stuck mouth pieces, and dent removal.

Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet Repairs:
Kenny’s Music Store offers great maintenance services at a low cost!

Drum Repairs:
Kenny’s Music Store can repair or replace your drum heads, repair or replace your instruments hardware and tune your drums for you!

Amplifier Repair:
Kenny’s Music Store offers repair and modifications to all tube amplifiers, including but not limited to: Fender, Marshall, Peavey, etc.

Kenny’s Music Store Instrument Repair Professionals:
Kenny Williams
Strings, Guitars, Bass
Duane Stark
Amplifiers, Guitars, Bass
Pete Samuelson
Guitar & Bass